Hey, small business owner. I know decisions need to be made, customers need to be nurtured, resources need to be put to good use, and goals need to be met. I get it and I'm here to say, "don't stress!"



MEET Renee


If you're like me, stress is not an option. After struggling to stay out of the hospital through decades of perfectionism, high-achiever tendencies, and autoimmune issues, I hit a rock bottom.


I had nothing left to give my friends and family, let alone my business. I was fatigued, sick, and (it seemed) constantly needing surgery.


I was also still very set on pursuing my dream.

I knew I had to change the way I was doing business.


It needed to be so simple it didn't seem like work but so strategic that my clients' needs and expectations were met exceedingly.


I was overwhelmed, but I couldn't quit. I'd invested over 85k and 21 years into my education and certifications. 

So, I started relearning how to execute one of the most involved tasks for my clients (marketing) with ease. (which I love, BTW! Marketing is my field of favor)


I invested more in habit-evolution did everything I could to live an easeful, fulfilling lifestyle that overflows into my business and the lives of others.


• I got serious about my purpose and priorities.

• I reached out for support from the right people and

• I continued to gain skills in my field that would help me make my life and my clients' lives easier.

Today, healthier than I've ever been, I help female entrepreneurs market their own business without the chaos with courses, consultations, coaching and content.


I also curate stress-free marketing solutions that are data-driven, unique, beautiful, and EFFECTIVE.



• B.A. Strategic Communication, The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication, Washington State University

• M.B.A. Data Analytics, Carson College of Business, Washington State University

• Certified Business Analyst

• RYT 200 hr Certified Yoga Instructor 

Renee Valle, MBA, MA



I’ve worked in:

• Sales

• Marketing/Event Management

• Customer Service Management

• Radio DJ/Production

• Television Production

• Graphic Design

• Website Development

• Digital Advertising and Marketing

• Entrepreneurship

 I live in North Idaho in a lake city called Coeur D'Alene.


The street I live on leads to the best trailhead in Cd'A (Canfield Mountain), which is lined with horses, turkeys, deer, and neighbors that always wave and say hello. :)



Aside from hiking, fishing and spending

time with community, I am dedicated

to learning and being a Kingdom Entrepreneur.


We should connect!


You can find me on social or send me an email (click the contact button :)

Renee M Valle

CEO, Founder

B.A. M.B.A., RYT 200hr

Certified Business Analyst

Kingdom Entrepreneur